Your Name in Elements (or Not)

Beautiful Custom-Printed Element Banners

Special holliday shipping note: Order by Saturday, Dec 20th for delivery in time for x-mas (except PhotoGlows)! Ignore the 2-3 week shipping notes below, we will do a special last-minute run of everything ordered by the 20th. PhotoGlow banners must be ordered by Dec 15th for x-mas delivery and PhotoGlows over 48" wide cannot be delivered in time.

Enter any string of letters and spaces below to see if it can be written in terms of chemical element abbreviations. Try your name, or the names of friends! Since only certain one-and two-letter combinations exist as element abbreviations, only some words and phrases can be written in elements. Some words can be written in more than one way: Scroll down to see all possible combinations that work for your word or words. (You can use spaces, but no punctuation.)

If you're lucky with your word, name, or phrase, you can order it as a high-quality photographic banner custom-printed with an archival pigment ink printer on heavy-weight satin finish paper. The prices may seem high compared to mass-produced posters, but keep in mind that each one of these is unique and made to order, not only the printing but the design itself. And the printing is higher quality than possible with any mass-produced, offset-printed poster: These are fine-art prints with detail and color vibrancy that cannot be captured in a screen image.

NEW! Now available, PhotoGlow luminous banners! For the ultimate custom element banner, PhotoGlow luminous prints cannot be beat, period. See this description of my PhotoGlow periodic table for more details. They are not cheap, but you will really be amazed at the impact.

If you can't find a way to spell what you want, you can always order a copy of my Photographic Periodic Table Poster, from which these images are taken.

(Use only the letters a-z and space.)
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Sizes and prices are based on this specific sequence. Because these banners are custom-printed to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Widths are approximate.
10x85 $136
16x136 $340
16x34 (2-line) $119
6x57 PhotoGlow $640
12x33 PhotoGlow (2-line) $640