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3D3DCopper-plated video iPod Nano.
This sample is the result of an article I wrote for the December, 2007 issue of Popular Science Magazine, for which I write a monthly column. Follow either of those links to find the article, or if it's between November 10th and December 10th, 2007 when you're reading this, head out to your local news stand and buy a copy of the magazine.
Basically the idea was to find a creative way to deal with the ridiculously shiny back side of Apple's otherwise flawless iPod line. The backs are so perfectly shiny that they are ruined the instant you touch them, with fingerprints and scratches appearing within seconds of purchase. My solution was to sandpaper the back into a pleasing brushed finish, then replace the Apple logo I'd sanded of with an electro-plated copper periodic table. Read the article to see how this was done.
Source: Theodore Gray
Contributor: Theodore Gray
Acquired: 9 November, 2007
Text Updated: 21 November, 2007
Price: $200
Size: 2.8"
Purity: >95%