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Video3D3DSealed glass ampule, 99.98%.
A quite remarkable object, it contains about a gram of 99.98% pure cesium metal.
It's really very sad that if the glass were ever to break, it could very well explode on contact with the surrounding air blinding anyone in the area with flying shards of glass and molten metal. That's why we keep it under lock and key.
Here's a picture of the locking cover, which is immediately underneath the engraved tile for cesium:

Notice there are a couple of samples of gold in with the cesium. That's because we don't have a separate locking compartment for gold right now, and also because it's interesting to see how very similar the colors of gold and cesium really are.

Source: David Franco
Contributor: David Franco
Acquired: 11 June, 2002
Text Updated: 14 August, 2006
Price: Donated
Size: 2"
Purity: 99.98%