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3D3DLead pipe (non-plumbing).
Oh, this is too funny. First, it's a lead pipe. But not that kind of pipe, this is a pipe for smoking, made out of lead. I got it from an eBay seller in Thailand, which I guess is less concerned about inhaling lead fumes than others countries are.
And what might you smoke in a lead pipe in Thailand? Why, hashish of course, which is precisely what was unmistakably still present stuffed into the bowl of this pipe when it arrived. I can only be thankful that it was packed so tightly that no one in customs noticed that someone was mailing me hashish from Thailand. Oh lordy, that would have been a fun one to explain. Incidentally, padded envelopes from Thailand are incredibly festive, with colorful decorations on them. Maybe it's the hash.
Source: eBay seller easternages
Contributor: Theodore Gray
Acquired: 16 April, 2009
Text Updated: 17 April, 2009
Price: $19
Size: 2"
Purity: >90%