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A non-metal which exists in several forms or allotropes including a waxy, highly toxic white form and a less reactive, non-toxic red powder.
 Red phosphorus Red phosphorus.
These days red phosphorus is the only form of pure phosphorus that is readily found. It is the safest allotrope being stable at ordinary temperatures and much less toxic than white phosphorus. It is produced by heating the latter for several days at several hundred degrees Centigrade..
Source: chemical supplier
Size: coarse powder
Purity: 99%
 White phosphorus White phosphorus.
We were delighted when the head technician at DePauw Chemistry Department found some white phosphorus for us to include in the display. It is a hard waxy substance, pure white when fresh but yellow as it ages and slowly converts to the red allotrope. White phosphorus is an exciting substance that glows in the dark if just a trace of oxygen is present and which if allowed to dry spontaneously bursts into flame producing prodigious amounts of white phosphorus pentoxide smoke. It is usually stored under water or mineral oil.
Source: DePauw Chemistry Department
Size: 0.5" pieces
Purity: 99%