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A fairly soft, silvery metal belonging to group 2. It reacts readily with oxygen and water. A key constituent of limestone.
 Turnings under argon Turnings under argon.
Many people are surprised to discover that calcium, the element that is a vital ingredient of our bones and teeth, is a shiny silver metal. It does not stay that way for long unless protected like this sample of metal turnings in an ampoule under inert argon gas. Within an hour it tarnishes in air as powdery white calcium oxide form on the surface like dust. Within a few days it will be reduced to a pile of caustic white powder.
Source: chemical supplier
Size: turnings 0.25" and down
Purity: 99%
 Snail shells Snail shells.
The hard parts of many animals, including these land snails are formed of calcium carbonate or calcium phosphate.
Source: collected in Northumberland in England
Size: 1"
Purity: n/a
 Rabbit skull Rabbit skull.
This rabbit skull, in common with all animal bones and teeth, is made of calcium carbonate bound together in a protein matrix.
Source: collected in Northumberland in England
Size: 1"
Purity: 99.9%