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A soft, silvery metal chemically similar to the rare earths. It is protected from tarnishing by an oxide layer and is used to make the red phosphor for TV screens.
 Large chunk Large chunk.
This is a fragment from a large ingot of yttrium metal. The element is used as a minor ingredient in number of alloys, including a combination with aluminium and chromium which has the unusual property - for a metal - of being a poor conductor of heat. Added to magnesium, it improves the latter's already excellent casting properties.
Source: donated by Anthony Lipmann
Size: 3"
Purity: > 99%
 YAG crystal YAG crystal.
YAG stands for yttrium aluminium garnet. This crystal was produced for use in a high powered laser. The green color comes from a small addition of chromium (Cr3+) ions which is a dopant to alter the characteristics of the laser radiation.
Source: Scientific Materials Corp
Size: 2"
Purity: n/a