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A silvery lanthanide metal that is relatively stable in dry air. Used to produce small, powerful magnets for the original "walkman" headphones.
 Dendritic crystals ampouled under argon Dendritic crystals ampouled under argon.
Samarium is the first lanthanide that is reasonably stable in air, but even so it begins to show signs of oxidation after a few weeks. For this reason we have ampouled this sample under argon to preserve its silver appearance. Samarium alloyed with cobalt was used in the first of the super-magnets that made possible personal stereos, but it has large been replaced by NIB magnets (see neodymium) in this application. One exception is where magnets are exposed to high temperatures. Samarium/cobalt magnets retain their strengths right up to 700 degrees centigrade.
Source: China
Size: 2"
Purity: 99.9%