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3D3DTechnetium pig cart.
This small wheeled cart is filled with tungsten and lead pigs used to hold technetium (and perhaps other) radioactive medicines in syringes. The handle is longer than you might think is necessary. This is to keep the nurse or technician far away from the contents while pushing it down the hall. Imagine someone showing up in your hospital room with a cart she's keeping at several arms lengths away, containing a substance she proposes to inject into you.
The tall pig in the center is especially interesting. It has a looooong rod reaching from the top down into the heavily shielded section at the bottom. Finger hooks at the top of the rod let you haul the contents up from the pit without ever getting your hand closer than about 12" to the syringes held at the end of the rod. This lid is over an inch thick, because radiation emitted in a vertical direction needs to be stopped too.
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