Tungsten Water jet nozzle
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Water jet nozzle.
Water jet cutters are crazy. It's an insane idea that obviously can't work, both because it's plainly impossible to compress water to 42,000psi and shoot it out a nozzle, and because even if you could, what on earth would make anything think you could cut metal with it? Well, actually, it turns out neither of these things is impossible, just expensive. This is a solid tungsten-carbide nozzle for a machine that can cut inch-thick metal (any metal, doesn't much matter) using the aforementioned 42,000psi water jet (laced with garnet abrasive). It has a computer-controlled arm that lets it quickly and accurately cut out any shape you can design with its built-in CAD system: Soon I hope to have an example of its work listed as a titanium sample.
Source: Kaistar R&D
Contributor: Kaistar R&D
Acquired: 6 August, 2004
Price: Donated
Size: 4"
Purity: 80%