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A strong, light, shiny metal that heads group 4. It is stronger than steel and resistant to corrosion due to formation of a thin layer of oxide.
 Electrolytic crystals Electrolytic crystals.
We were really pleased to discover these beautiful titanium crystals on eBay. They have a unique geometric structure which is surprising to see in a pure metal. If you happen to know where we can find more of them, please let us know!
Source: eBay
Size: pieces up to 1 inch
Purity: 99.9%
 Hip joint socket Hip joint socket.
This would make a good "mystery object" quiz question.. It is the counterpart of the more familiar artificial hip implant used to replace damaged joints. This image shows the outside of the "cup" that is embedded in the pelvis to provide the socket into which the matching ball at the top of the femur is located. The intricate honeycomb surface of the implant allows bone to grow into the metal forming a very strong bond. Titanium is an excellent material for this purpose due to its lack of toxicity, strength and high resistance to corrosion.
Source: eBay
Size: 3"
Purity: >95%