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A hard, shiny silver transition metal that reacts with many gases but which is normally protected from tarnishing by an oxide layer. Used to make alloys.
 Lumps Lumps.
These beautiful knobs of high purity zirconium look as though they might be made of metal butter! They originate from Russia and were made during the Soviet era using a gigantic version of the process in which a white-hot wire is used to decompose zirconium iodide vapor. Hence this material is sometimes referred to as iodic zirconium. The pieces here are presumably fragments broken from the surface of what must have been a vast and amazing crystal bar.
Source: donated by Anthony Lipmann
Size: pieces 1"
Purity: > 99.99% (excluding hafnium)
 Tube Tube.
Almost all the zirconium currently produced finds its way into nuclear reactors. This is a piece of tube almost certainly intended for just such use. The properties which make zirconium so well suited for nuclear applications are its very low neutron absorption cross section, its resistance to corrosion and its capacity to withstand high temperatures.
Source: donated by Anthony Lipmann
Size: 3"
Purity: > 98%