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A hard, shiny silver precious metal in the platinum group that can be polished to a mirror finish. It is one of the most costly elements and mainly used as a catalyst in the automobile industry.
 Cut sheet Cut sheet.
This is a small strip cut from a piece of "scrap" 1mm sheet. The price of rhodium has shown alarming volatility in recent years. For most of the time it sells(in today's money) for around $500 per troy ounce which is just over 31g. However for a brief period in 1990, with rising demand for making catalytic converters that could reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides, the price spiked to $7,200 per troy ounce. At that price a kilogram of rhodium cost almost quarter of a million dollars! The small piece here was worth $1,000.
Source: Johnson Matthey
Size: 1"
Purity: >99.9%
 Dental mirror Dental mirror.
Rhodium is the most reflective element in the periodic table and finds application in specialist mirrors for light houses, high performance car head lamps and searchlights. It is also used for front-coated dental mirrors where its resistance to scratching is useful.
Source: dental supply company
Size: mirror 1"
Purity: n/a