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A brittle, silvery, crystalline semi-metal which is stable in air. It reacts with other elements to produce a wide range of compounds called tellurides.
 Crystals Crystals.
Tellurium will not kill you, but it can certainly make you unpopular. If you were so unwise as to eat a almost invisible crumb of these rather beautiful crystals you would become a social outcast. Within an hour, an unpleasant garlic-like odor would be detectable on your breath and in your sweat. This is the smell of dimethyl telluride, which is the compound into which tellurium is converted by the body. It is the same substance found in onions and garlic bulbs. Volunteers who experimentally consumed just 15mb (15 thousandths of a gram.. the equivalent of a few sugar grains) were still smelly after 8 months!
Source: industrial supply company
Size: 1"
Purity: 99.9%