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A radioactive rare earth metal found in U and Th ores where it forms as as a result of nuclear fission. Has been used in luminous paints.
 Luminous paint button Luminous paint button.
If you have an old electric blanket, check to see whether it has a luminous control dial. If it does, there is a possibility that the luminous pain may contain one of the rarest elements in the periodic table. Promethium is one of two unstable light elements, the other being technetium. The longest-lived isotope of Pm has a half-life of just 17 years, so all the promethium found on earth is produced artificially or is fleeting present in minuscule amounts as a fission product from uranium. These glass cells contain a small quantity of luminous paint made from Pm-147 (the chloride mixed with zinc sulfide) that was used by Swiss watch makers for a period after radium luminous paints were withdrawn.
Source: Swiss watch company
Size: 0.5"
Purity: n/a