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A soft, silvery lanthanide metal that is fairly stable in dry air. It is rare and has few industrial applications.
 Lumps ampouled under argon Lumps ampouled under argon.
Terbium is one of the more costly lanthanides, mainly because there are few applications for this element and consequently very little is produced. Apparently there was once a scheme to use terbium oxide to make false teeth of a pleasing whiteness, but the venture came to nought. The pieces of metal here would once have cost many tens of thousands of dollars, but are now available for only a few hundred dollars thanks to the growth in supply of low cost separation technology in China.
Source: China
Size: 0.75"
Purity: 99.9%
 Terfinol magnetostrictive alloy Terfinol magnetostrictive alloy.
Currently the most exciting application for terbium is in an alloy with dysprosium and a little iron called Terfenol. Initially developed for naval use in sonars, Terfenol has the unusual property of changing its length (very slightly) when subject to a magnetic field. Applications are being explored in sound reproduction (see the Soundbug also in this cube) and in tiny motors.
Source: donated by ETREMA Products Inc
Size: 1"
Purity: n/a
 Soundbug Soundbug.
This "Soundbug" is a mass produced consumer electronics device containing Terfenol. It is a vibrating sound transducer that has a limpet-like sucker that can be attached to any surface to turn it into a loud speaker. Windows and tables are particularly effective. Combined with a walkman, this highly portable battery-powered device is great for creating an instant party. It sells for around $40. We use it to play the audio portion of the videos included in this display. If you place your ear near the terbium cube, you should hear the sound more directly. Advertisers have experimented with this technology to create whispering windows that attempt to beguile shoppers to spend their money in the store!
Source: donated by Newland Scientific Ltd
Size: 4"
Purity: n/a