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My bigest web projects are my two periodic table websites, the first one being the world famous, Ig Nobel prize winning Wooden Periodic Table Table, and the second being the best possible domain name ever for a periodic table website, Both share the same images and descriptions, but the latter has in addition extensive technical and nuclear data about the elements (it also looks a lot slicker).

You may also (I hope) be interested in a copy of my Periodic Table Poster.

Periodic Table


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QuickTime videos of me on stage with Steve Jobs during keynotes at the following Apple conferences:
WWDC 2005
WWDC 2003
MacWorld SF 2002

Streaming Video of my appearances on Tech TV (now G4 network) making ice cream with liquid nitrogen and melting spoons.

Information about my Popular Science column.

Radio Interview on NPR's Science Friday show about chemical elements.

Hotheaded Rant about math education and educational software in general from a book of mine.

Prairie Rivers Network website that I maintain using Mathematica scripts.
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