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Periodic Table Poster   My periodic table poster is now available!Periodic Table PosterPeriodic Table PosterPeriodic Table Poster
3D3DBroken wristwatch.
You can buy anything on eBay. I once bought some burned out light bulbs (listed under tantalum and carbon). This is one of a batch of five broken wrist watches I got for $10. What makes them worth trading is that they are antique radium-hand watches, with numbers and hands painted (by hand) with luminous radium paint. Truth in photography: The glow you see is actually generated by a black light placed near the watch. Antique radium watches no longer glow on their own, not because the radium has decayed, but because the zinc sulfide phosphorescent paint no longer responds to the radiation. They are actually just as radioactive as they ever were, you just don't get any light for it.

I chose this sample to represent its element in my Photographic Periodic Table Poster. The sample photograph includes text exactly as it appears in the poster, which you are encouraged to buy a copy of.
Periodic Table Poster

Source: eBay seller topwatch
Contributor: Theodore Gray
Acquired: 12 May, 2005
Text Updated: 4 May, 2007
Price: $2
Size: 1.25"
Purity: <0.1%